Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Colored Pencil Birds ~ class update

We've been enjoying a 2 week visit from my father-in-law, but here are a couple more colored pencil birds from the online class I've been working (slowly!) through.  I hope I get to all the lessons before the links expire.  I have a couple more months before that happens, but at the rate I'm progressing, I might miss some. 

The first was done in late February and the rest in March...

Blue Jay

Birds from our yard in my artist journal, mixed media (not part of colored pencil course).
Lilac Breasted Roller

Leghorn Chicken, chosen to learn shading, texture of white birds.
This course has been great; informative, relaxing and enjoyable.  There is a Facebook group where the participants (from all over the country, and even some other countries) can post our completed work and give one another feedback!  Very cool.  I do find working in colored pencil a bit slow and tedious, and I doubt I'll be using it often, but it's great practice in seeing, and working in color that is very useful.  The teacher, Val Webb, does beautiful work that is inspiring.  You can check out her website, classes and artwork here; The Illustrated Garden

Thanks for reading, it would be lovely to receive comments from anyone out there still following along... I'm aware my 'sporadic' posts are not conducive to maintaining followers.  So, I'm very grateful to those who still check in from time to time!  :)  Let me know what types of posts...drawings and art, photos, or pontificating (not much lately!), you enjoy!  Ha ha.

Happy last day of winter, from the land where winter is very brief! 

Up next; more of my blooming desert!

If you are interested in drawing, regardless of whether you've had little, lots or NO experience at all, there are a couple of suggestions I can offer.  Start drawing!  And take advantage of online courses... a FREE one with an excellent teacher has recently begun here;

And another you might want to join is starting soon, it's the concept of keeping an artist's journal (which is whatever you want it to be!) This one requires a payment, but should be excellent as it includes multiple fabulous teachers who will all bring a different aspect and ideas to try.  Here's that link...

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