Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lessons 4, 5, and 6

With all the big family events spanning the whole month of May (our Anniversary, 2 son's graduations, and our grand-darling's first birthday, as well as 6 people arriving to stay with us from out of state during the month) I was WAY behind in my water color class.  I finally finished the last lesson (though there is a bonus lesson, I've yet to do!) just today, so here they are...

Lesson 4 was 'Garden Tools', I photographed my grandparents old galvanized tin watering can, which I still use daily. 

Lesson 5 was 'Critters and Creatures in the Garden' and I photographed a juvenile black chinned hummingbird in our pine tree to use as a reference, here's my little painting of her...

Lesson 6 was a tutorial on creating realistic looking water/dew drops on leaves or flower petals.  I simply sat down in front of our instructors online video and tried my best to copy her instructions, and am pretty pleased with the results. 

This class has been really valuable in helping me to gain experience with watercolors in the format of nature journaling, which I love.  Also in helping me to over come my fear of not producing a 'perfect' result.  The results no longer 'need' to be perfect, the process is so fun, and enjoyable, and I'm capturing memories and creating, it's a bonus if the painting turns out to have 'good' aspects to it too.  Don't hesitate to take a course from Imaginarytrips.com if you think you'd enjoy something like this too.  I highly recommend it!