Friday, March 21, 2014

2:30 am

It's 2:30 am, the mocking bird and I cannot sleep.  Perhaps he knows spring is too brief to slumber this cool early morn away.  Plenty of time to escape to dreams when the temperature remains above 100 degrees 24 hours a day, soon. 

As I'm wide awake, I will process and post more of spring's glorious flora, fauna and fabulously clear blue skies... God's gifts to our desert, and I like to think, to me! 

Cholla buds

Ocotillo buds

Ocotillo BUGs ;) (cute little guy!)

Curved-bill thrasher singing in Spring

First cactus flower found this year.

A small field of Coulter's Globe Mallow (not the same as the shrub)

Bee for perspective on size of Coulter's mallow.

Round tail ground squirrel.  I've seen more of these this year than ever before on S. Mt.

My happy trails, on a brilliantly clear day!

Strawberry hedgehog cactus in bloom

Tiny blossoms on unknown wildflower

Westerly view of the Estrella mountain range.


Easterly view toward Four Peaks.

honey bee on globe mallow (bush)

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Male Gambel's quail.

White Easter Bonnet blooms, very small! 

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