Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A New Look for the New Year

Okay, it's still January (barely!) so I can yet get away with a 'new year' blog post, right?  ;o) The other day I found a link at a friends blog to these cool blog backgrounds, and AMAZINGLY I was actually able to follow the instructions and add this particular scheme to freshen up my page.  The only thing missing is the cool feather drawing that was part of the center design.  Apparently it gets covered up by the text area.  Sadly, that feather was what sold me on this design, but oh well!  I still like the natural colors and elements... it suits me!  So this 'look' will probably stay for a while... probably till Spring when I may switch looks again.  As an artsy type, aesthetics rule.  Anyway... my rambling may not be too inspiring, so at least you have some pretty doo dads to distract you!  So thank you (fill in name of blog background designer later when I go find it again) for the fun blog costumes!

Well it's pretty obvious that I haven't been inspired to say much in the way of something humorous, or artistic, or soap boxish for a while.  Truth be told, I focused steadfastly on my family over the holidays and had one of the most blessed Christmas times I've enjoyed in a long time.  It was a healing and sweet holiday in many little ways.  The introduction of Bethanne into our midst had a magical effect on the season, for me.  Seeing the tree,   lights and wrappings etc. from her toddler's perspective was so joyful.  I had more fun Christmas shopping and preparing than I've had in many years just by keeping her sweet face in mind.  We were so happy to be able to have Zac and Lisa over several times over the season. 

Jared was home for a shorter than usual break and it is his last 'official' stay at home, as the plan at the moment is for him to remain in Portland over the summer... he's not had great luck finding work here the past couple of summers.  So, in effect he's gone, possibly for good as far as 'living at home' goes.  This was very very hard for me, so I really soaked up his presence in the everyday aspects that may not 'be' again.  He and Jesse laughing over silly computer games (which they indulged in WAY too much), talking quietly late into the night. 

I can't stop the nest from emptying, I can dread it and cry about it, but I can't stop it... so I'm trying to take deep breaths and allow this stage to progress as God intends and not miss what IS here because I'm too focused on the unwanted changes that are coming around the bend.  Last year I listened to the audio of Beth Moore's book 'Feathers from My Nest', and I could relate so much to many of the things she shared as a mother whose babies have flown off to their own lives.  She weaves an allegorical tale of mr and mrs robin as they vacate their nest and head in a new direction that was sweet, and fitting.

So here I am in 2010 and by the time this decade has ended, it is quite likely that my life will be something I cannot imagine at all today... and truly the year 2000 seems like last week!  Time truly passes more swiftly as I age, my life is gaining steam in a direction that is somewhat scary to me.  But I am so amazingly thankful to know that God oversees my journey day by day, that He's with me, closer than my heartbeat and even though I'm not exactly looking forward to the next phase of my life... (old ladyhood),  it is just a temporary season that will finally end with my entrance into the most exciting, most dreamt of, unending eternal full existence in God's Kingdom.  I'll see Jesus face to face, touch His robe, and follow His footsteps for real!  I'll witness the intricate beauty of a place that the broken loveliness of our fallen earth can only hint at.  If my own little family on earth has been my treasure, my meaning and comfort... can you imagine what fully living in God's home with our big happy family might be like.  I can hardly wait.  So Lord, let the future come.  My anchor and hope are in You and in Your promises.