Saturday, February 15, 2014

Birds of Prey

I am still plugging away with the colored pencil online course from Val Webb.  This week I tackled lesson 2, which was to draw a Ferruginous Hawk. 

But the first part of the lesson, covered how to draw the eyes of birds, specifically birds of prey.  Here are the sketches completed practicing assorted eyes.  We were supposed to leave the rest of the bird sketchy...

This was challenging, fun.... and eventually I was itching to get on to the next lessons, since I am behind... so I left his lower neck feathers roughly sketched in.  I am happy with the results!

Information on the class can be found here... Val Webb's Colored Pencil course on birds.

With computer monitor resource photo.
My photo is 'redder' than the actual drawing.. the browns are not as 'rusty'. 

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