Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sonoran Spring continues at the DBG

That would be the Desert Botanical Garden.  A place I love and try to visit as often as possible.  Spring there is glorious!   (for best viewing of photos, click on them to enlarge, then view as slide show)

A 'hover craft' bee in the wildflower garden.

red globe mallow

View of Papago through blooming desert.

Cholla cactus buds

A Phainopepla (male)

Feathers for the nest, black tailed gnat catcher (I think!)

Texas Mountain Laurel (which smells like grape kool-aid)

My favorite tree at the DBG, a Chlean Palo Verde.

Every branch is covered in yellow sweetness each spring.

The bees favor it too! 

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