Saturday, August 11, 2012

Under the Deep Blue Sea

Several things... I am back from CA, and mom's surgery went perfectly.  She had a rough couple days in the hospital while they worked on giving her the right pain meds... most were too strong for her and made her rather loopy.  She's home now and doing well.  :)

Since I've been home in AZ we've had our hottest spell so far this summer, a string of 116 degree days.  Yikes!  I've been busy with life, but was inspired by some photos taken by my niece, who is doing a marine biology project in the Philippines this summer.  There are sea slug looking creatures, called Nudibranchs, that she has photographed several of.. they are amazing!  Bright colors, fancy doo-hickeys coming off of them.  Fascinating and beautiful.   I painted a small watercolor page compiling a couple of her photos into one scene...

There are several others of the same species that look completely different, and she also took a photo of a emerald green shrimp, with various other bright colors on it's eyes, antennae etc... it looks like something out of a cartoon!  I may paint it too.