Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Everyday Matters

or otherwise known as EDM, Everyday Matters is an online sketching support group, of sorts.  I discovered them recently via flickr where there is a pool that members can contribute photos of their sketches into.  EDM  has a very long list (287 so far and counting!) of 'drawing prompts' which I've printed out to give me ideas and inspiration for my doodles.  The creative prompts have been helpful for me in getting back to my love of art.  Here are some of the sketches, and simple watercolors I've done so far, oldest to newest... 

EDM #1 draw a shoe

EDM #136 - Draw or paint something that's alive - a living thing - animal or plant

EDM #34 Draw a fall leaf

EDM #44 Draw an animal - a pet, a zoo animal, a stuffed one

 EDM #116 - Draw something green

Everyday Matters  #287 Draw Something Colorful

Everyday Matters #235 'draw a butterfly'

Today I did this colored pencil sketch 'en plein air' at a park while waiting for Jesse to get out of classes.
EDM #22 draw the moon 

If you are interested in joining the sketchy folk at Everyday Matters here are some pertinent links where you can find more information.  The Yahoo group is FULL of very encouraging artists of all levels, including some impressive authors and professionals too!

The Everyday Matters Yahoo group

Danny Gregory's blog, which EDM grew out of back in 2004

Everyday Matters Flickr group

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Recent art endeavors

Just some photos of this summer's sketching progress in my nature journal.
(clicking on each photo should open it up in a larger format, easier to see and critique!

A Gilded Flicker enjoying the saguaro fruit in our front yard.

The molt of a Calfornia Spiny Lobster found while walking at Doheny Beach.

Some wildflowers found hiking South Mountain and at the DBG.
I photographed the flowers in March, but just finished this page last week!  

And this unfinished page still in progress is of 3 black butterflies...

Friday, August 13, 2010


Booty!, originally uploaded by Az~Kate.
If at first you don't succeed TRY, try again! AND WIN! I did. :)

Remember my hummingbird photo from the Desert Botanical Garden: http://alwaysalethia.blogspot.com/2010/06/awww-shucks-but-still-honored.html that 'almost' won a photo contest?  Well guess what, The Arizona Office of Tourism has a contest every couple months, and June/July's contest theme was 'Water'  So I browsed through my Arizona photos that featured water and entered several photos again.  One of an afternoon stroll near Wild Horse Pass in Chandler was chosen, along with 4 other beautiful photos.  And thanks to many lovely facebook friends I won!  My prize is this super nifty camera slingpack by Tamrac.  ($$ value!)  Not too shabby!  I love that it includes the Arizona logo in vibrant stitching.  Maybe I'll actually get a real dslr camera and some lenses to put in it someday.  (I think it's pretty funny that I won with my little point and shoot camera photo... others had very expensive equipment to take theirs with)  Just goes to show you that you don't have to have expensive equipment to make beautiful photos... especially in a state with as much natural beauty as God has given us in Arizona.  :)  Here's my winning photo...