Friday, July 8, 2011

Post of the Month?

Well dear followers, I have been neglectful of this little blog lately!  So, here's a super (as in covering a lot of things, but not as in 'super long') post catching up on my life over the past month.   June:  More graduation parties attended, including the one we had for our own 'baby', ending my 13 years of homeschooling.  Gardening, very succesful crop of heirloom white tomatoes and early girl reds, assorted herbs, zucchini and some chili peppers.  A wonderful day spent with my dear friend Suzie, breakfast, then browsed a large community garden, then antiquing.  Pizza and root beer floats for Father's day with our oldest and his family.  Date with hubby to see Super 8, which I highly recommend...reminiscent of ET meets the Goonies, really well done.  Different.  Had a phone consultation with a trusted naturopath and began an in depth detox with son and hubby.  (feeling marvelous now, and shed some weight)   July:  Still detoxing till the 7th, so laying kind of low, but had a terrific 4th of July with the grand-darlings, bbq, swimming, playing, fireworks, sparklers and ice cream (for the girls, we stuck to our detox diet!).  Now I'm working on my fall Drawing Classes and purchasing the 'baby's' College needs... he will go clear to New York.  Oh, and we experienced a HABOOB... the Arab word for a huge dust storm.  Not like our usual monsoon dust storms, this baby was 7000 ft. high and 100 miles wide and left a mountain of fine dark reddish brown dirt on EVERYTHING... clean up still going on!  But hey, it made Phoenix famous for a day or two.  :)
Sketches done in Nature Journal.                                                  

Here is the Haboob (Arab for dirt monster! Just's Arab, but I don't remember what it means) as it approaches our yard.  Taken from an upstairs window.