Monday, November 12, 2012

Recent project and a give away (not mine! ha ha!)

Here's a photo of a project I did over the weekend.

It's for a family (with 2 bio children) who are adopting 3 siblings that they've been foster parenting.

The mom found this idea online.  Most often these thumbprint 'guestbook' trees are used for weddings.  Guests stamp their thumbprint onto the branches as a sign of their attendance to the happy occasion.  In the case of this 'family tree', it will be the all the guests, family and friends at the adoption celebration and our fingerprints will represent all the extended family who love and support them.  Sunday is national adoption day, and this is the day their adoption becomes final.  Cool, huh? Anyway, the mom is a friend and she asked if I'd paint them a tree for the occasion this is what I came up with after she showed me some she liked.  I included the little 'kiddie' birds to represent the children and mom and dad bird are in the heart of the tree.  ;)

Can't wait to see it with it's leaves soon. Some appropriate calligraphy wording will be added at the bottom too. Then it will matted and framed.

Thanks for stopping in and here's the promised give away link!  Hurry, winner will be drawn tomorrow!  We are gluten intolerant around our house and I just happened upon this today.  You can win all kinds of goodies to make some wonderful gluten free holiday treats.  Hope others will enter too!

Have a lovely day.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thankful for Blessings ~ November

A small pastel (Neocolor II) done as a gift for my little sister.