Thursday, March 20, 2014

The First Day of Spring!

In honor of the official first day of spring, here are photos of our glorious blooming Sonoran desert taken over the past week or two.  Here in the desert southwest we have been enjoying spring since late January, when the wildflowers first began to dot the landscape.  For us summer is breathing down springs neck... we are reaching temperatures in the low 80s each afternoon.  So we must enjoy our brief springs to the fullest.  

I have many photos of the spring wild flowers and cactus blooms, so I'll be adding them in stages as I have time to upload. 

Hummingbird in Creosote

I spy a spring cotton tail... and a second!  Can you see both?

Globe Mallow bud

Globe Mallow plant in boulders.

Richly colored orange cups.  :)

Couldn't decide on which photos... ha-ha!

Emory Rock Daisy and Desert bluebell (scorpion weed/phacelia).

Along the trail
Dainty Fagonia

Tiny white bouquets of the Pincushion flower.

Bright yellow Brittle Bush

Brittle bush with a view of distant mountains, so pretty.  Future painting?
Sun worshippers

The Lupine, rare! 

Mexican Gold Poppy

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