Saturday, February 8, 2014

Perhaps A Return

Happy 2014! 

I'm taking the semester off from teaching any art classes, focusing on pursuing classes and inspiration for my own artistic growth.  I'm praying much over direction for myself, in regards to my art, my time, my life.  Some things I assumed would 'work' recently, have not... so I'm asking my Creator to show me what I'm to be about in this season.

Currently, I've enrolled in an online colored pencil course for drawing birds... it's got some flexibility to work at your own pace which is nice.  I took it because I love the teacher's artwork, and because I haven't worked much in colored pencil, not since elementary school anyway!  This medium requires slowing down and careful observation to draw realistically.  I need a strong foundation of understanding the actual form and details before being able to move into looser, stylized renderings of birds (which is more my desire, in the long run).  So, from here I hope to have learned more about how birds are actually put together, in order to make more accurate, but eventually looser images.  I'm not very far into the lessons yet.  I intend to post my work, lesson by lesson here as a record.  Not sure anyone is still out there looking in, but if you are... hello!  :)

Part 1 of Lesson 1, was to do quick sketches, under 10 minutes each, of an assortment of birds with a #2 pencil.  The exercise of gesture sketching is always beneficial for capturing accurate rough shapes... these light sketchy initial lines are then firmed up with as much detail as one can add in the remaining moments.  Clear reference photos were provided to work from. 

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