Sunday, July 15, 2012

Student's Before and Afters!

 Interrupting my somewhat boring string of daily sketches... I thought I'd post some of my students drawings from last years class.  The first photo in each set is the self portrait that student drew on their first day in my class, the next is their self portrait drawn again, on the last day of class.  The photos are of poor quality, unfortunately!  I scanned the students original drawings, then took a photo of the scanned pages to upload... not the best way to show their drawings, but you can at least see how their understanding of form, shading, proportion etc. had grown over the class terms (classes are twice a month for the school year calendar)  A few of these students are returning for a second year, where we'll work in C O L O R... should be fun!  I absolutely love teaching art and am so thankful God has blessed me with the opportunity.

(Tip: clicking on each picture will let you view at a larger size with better resolution)

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