Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Catching up...

So I've fallen behind in posting my sketches from the 75 Day Sketch Challenge.  So here you go!  Some are downright terrible... but this is practice, discipline and so, that's okay. 

Day 18: Noodlers flex pen with golden brown ink...
Day 19: Black Tombow marker... a terrible choice for my subject
Day 20:  Black 05 micron
Day 21: Black 05 micron

Day 22 was not the micron, maybe a Zig millenium, first just the ink sketch, later I added a bit of color with watercolor washes.

Days 23 (stabilo markers) and 24 black ink (as you see I really only did my sketch out of duty that day)

Now we're up to date with today's sketch, day 25, I drew some Mesquite seed pods I picked up outside of Fresh and Easy market.  Some day I want to gather a LOT of mesquite pods, dry them and grind some mesquite flour to make tortillas and pancakes.  ;)  I only added detail and shadow to the pods on the left... just to show the process.  As usual...Click on the photo to see a larger, sharper image. 

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