Sunday, July 15, 2012

26, 27, 28...

Back to the 75 Day Sketch Challenge... 

 Day 26, done late at night again as nothing had inspired me to draw all day.  I flipped open a book on the masters and van Gogh's self portrait with it's beautiful paint technique in my favorite hues (yellow and blue) was enjoyable to see.  So I did a very rough, very quick sketch... following the lines of his brushwork.  

27. Another evening sketch (noticing a pattern here!)  This time of a 9 inch high wood carved squirrel who resides on our hearth with a couple of other squirrel friends.  I used golden brown ink and tried to follow the grain lines of the carving, which you can see behind my sketchbook.  

Day 28, if you could see the original photo this was drawn from, you'd see my proportions were WAY off.  Maybe that 'sketching at night' thing is to blame?  Heh heh. 

This next piece has nothing to do with the sketch challenge... it's a page in my little nature journal I happened to paint last night (the date on the journal page is when I took the photo of the dragonfly) The daily sketches are a good exercise, but I don't want to stall in my desire to practice watercolor. 
Happy and blessed Sunday to you all!  May the coming week be filled with natural wonders and beauty. 
God bless!

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