Saturday, May 31, 2014

Farewell May

A last nod to spring, though here in the desert spring has all but vanished for the most part.  This weeks temperatures reached 107 degrees.  Our spring starts early and ends early!  :)

So May was packed with special events for our family this year, a trip to NYC for our youngest's graduation from College, which coincided with our Anniversary and Mother's Day.  A project I volunteered for has gotten into full swing and demanding my time, quite a bit.  A local Art Contest, so it's an endeavor I'm enjoying for the most part.

Late May which is truthfully early summer here, includes many plants going to seed, birds still nesting or raising their young, a few cactus still blooming.  Well, take a peek at what I found close to home this week...

A Jack Rabbit nibbling on premature saguaro fruit, probably knocked loose by birds.

I don't often get the chance to snap these guys at the preserve, usually too few and too quick.  I wonder if this fellow might be unwell, he was pretty slow. 

Just a very few blossoms left on the saguaro, while the fruit are not yet ripe.  Arizona is home of the biggest bluest skies! 

The Ironwood trees are blooming and full of bees.

The creosote is heavy with seed, gone are the bright yellow flowers till next year. 

Likewise many other desert blooming shrubs.  Spiky seed pods on this species.

Here's what happening in the yard; the wild sunflowers are bursting with blooms, which is providing a feast for the goldfinches, precisely why I planted them!

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