Monday, April 21, 2014

For the Christian, Passion Week should inform every day...

Easter, the Passion week, Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday... the holiday we just finished is the pinnacle of the Christian faith.  It should be in our mind and hearts every morning as we awake, remembering His awakening from the dead... This is why we call ourselves 'Christian' and why we are who we are and do all that we do.  It's why we love Him, believe Him and hope in Him.  It's why we worship in community all over the world on Sunday instead of another day.  It's the proof of God's love for man.

If you desire to maintain the fresh appreciation for the Gospel that comes with Passion week, or, if you know you were not as affected by 'Easter' as you should have been, please take a moment to watch this very short film from Igniter Media.  It's worth it.

Sounds of the Cross

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