Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birthday Cake Parade

Happy Birthday to ME!

(I'm home alone having a very special, birthday pity party)  So I thought I'd share the joy with my throngs of followers.  (I really don't want throngs, so that's not what I'm pitiful about, ha ha)   No, I'm having a pity party over the fact that for the last few years on my birthday I've CRAVED birthday cake, and not gotten any.  I don't remember all the reasons why, but it just didn't occur.  This year I, unfortunately, will not have cake either.... because I'm very frustrated with the extra poundage I've acquired of late, and so I won't eat it.  So I decided to throw myself a 'If I Could I Would' have these cakes, all of them, a picture cake parade!

I collect antique teapots and tea cups, so here are some darling cakes from that genre...

Victorian-esque and feminine.  (I'll have this one in the parlor, thank you!)

This one is a funky and cute tea party cup cake!

This is my most favorite 'tea cup' cake of all... pretty and whimsical!

Now, these here are not cake... but I actually prefer cookies in real life and these are simply tea-lightful!  (help yourself, dears!)

Leaving the 'tea' theme, how about this fantastic cake!  I'm amazed at the gorgeous cakes that 'cake artists' are making these days!  (my mother once made me a pink circus carousel cake, complete with tiny carousel horses, that was the envy of all the girls in the neighborhood... it was enchanting!)

As I am an avowed Nature enthusiast, I would like some cakes that honor my love of God's creation as well...

I love this one featuring twigs and birds.

Oh, perfect!  This one matches my new blog layout!  (sorta)

What amazing detail... so many things I love on this one!

So those are all very festive and beautiful to look at, and probably quite tasty.  But the truth is, for cake which I would faint, and then lick the platter clean... we must incorporate CHOCOLATE... lots and lots of it.
I'll take these 3...

traditional, rich and classic...

Modern, dark and studded with truffles!..

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting was my most requested as a girl, still LOVE it!

Where's the candles?  All 52 of them.

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  1. Oi! Sorry for the missing photos, they were gorgeous. But I did not realize they would disappear if I deleted them from my external hard drive. Live and learn! Perhaps I should just delete this whole post?