Tuesday, May 29, 2012

folk-art/decorative box project

folk-art/decorative box project, originally uploaded by Az~Kate.
Earlier this month I completed this project as a gift for our newest daughter-in- love's graduate Masters degree in business admin. She likes boxes and primitive/folksy art (so her hubby tells me), so I thought she might enjoy this hand-crafted item. She's also very artistic and crafty herself; she makes beautiful quilts. If you click on the photo, it will take you to the flickr page showing more photos of the process. A very fun project!  The 'story' of the images (a bird along a forested body of water) commemorates their wedding along the Columbia River (wedding decor theme was natural mossy boughs, birdhouses/birds).  On the back I painted a bird who has flown and come to land upon an Arizona saguaro, in hopes this will be their ultimate destination someday.  Tee hee.   It's a standing joke between us how I try to entice them to our warm, sunny, happy, land of opportunity,  Arizona!

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