Monday, January 17, 2011

Not the 'first post of the year' I'd hoped for...

blind contour and quick sketch, originally uploaded by Az~Kate.

And in addition to that title I haven't time to write anything at the moment, so I'll be back later to edit this!  Hope your year is going well so far.


  1. Hi Kate:) Your art is so precious... I love the journal format that you are doing. Thanks for your comments on my recent revamp... the faucet is discontinued, but I found mine on ebay. It is Pegasus Baron Single Handle Lavatory Faucet. I really, really like it and I could not find anything else out there like it. I was thrilled when I found it on ebay.

    I am signing up to follow you because your little paintings are like treasures:)

  2. Heather, thank you so very much for the information. I will see if we can find the discontinued faucet, or perhaps a similar one. :)

    Your encouragement on my little paintings is greatly appreciated! You have such wonderful crafts, projects and lovely blog posts... I can see that you are inspired by the beauty you find, and I've been following your blog for a while, I don't remember how I found it. ;) By the way, I love word clouds too... I made one from an essay on Philosophy to be the cover for my son's Intro to Philosophy notebook. (I homeschool him... for about 3 more months then he graduates and I'm DONE. Whew... it's been 13 years of wonderful).

    Thank you so much for your comment!

  3. Oh my gosh....I LOVE your teapot. I have a thing for teapots and have one "brewing" in my mind. It (of course) has birds on it. It will be a while before it makes it out on paper though. You've inspired me to start thinking about how to paint my teapot!

  4. Kelly, we are teapot enthusiast buddies! :) I love your brewing pun. tee hee. I'm am thrilled to have inspired you...I'm usually the one needing inspiration and finding it from all the wonderful world of artists online. Thank you for the kind words. I hope I get to see your tea pot painting soon.

  5. Oh MY Gosh!!! You are
    THE Kelly of 'Red and Peanut'?! You do me great honor. Thank you again! YOU are the inspirational one, thank you for your beautiful blog. I have a thing for birds (as well as teapots), and so your work is dear to my heart. <3