Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Decided to do a quick entry about two little guilty pleasures that I have recently discovered.  I don't really feel guilty about them. ;P   The first is discovering one of my very favorite types of cookies, which I have not had since moving here 14 years ago!   These 'Little Dutch Boy' butter cookies.  I used to get them regularly at Stater Bros. in California and after a few years of searching decided that Arizona must be under some awful anti Dutch cookie law.  Well around the Holidays I happened into a  'day old' bread store of all places, and there they were!   (insert angel song and harps)   So now I can eat them until I  balloon up to a ridiculous weight. Only problem I see.... I had only eaten one cookie since buying these and when I took this picture, there were about 3 more gone.  Hmmmm, apparently Jesse likes them too.   

The second discovery is this wine from Chile... Brand: Gato Negro (black cat) Type: Carmenere (? never heard of this before).  I only drink an occasional glass of red wine, usually Cabernet or Merlot... and most taste crummy after half a glass.  This stuff is yummy all the way through.  ;O)  Here's what the back of the bottle says about it; "Colour: intense violet with blackish tones, very dark.  Aroma:  spices, mild green pepper, some tobacco, very fruity and fresh    Taste:  a pleasant wine, ample, velvety medium bodied, with a pleasing finish, a very different wine capable of surprising the consumer with its first impression."  It's all true!  A  red wine with out any bitterness, but not overly sweet.  It's delish....and I paid less than $4 for it at Sprouts.  Very Nice!  If I catch Jesse dipping into this, he'll be in a world of hurt.  ;o)                                                                               


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  2. Those cookies look delicious! :)

  3. They are! Get them at the day old bread store by Home Depot on Warner...and Kyrene or Rural... you know, by Amazing Grace and Goodwill. ;o)